Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Best-Selling Book of All-Time: The Holy Bible: King James Version

First posted 6/24/2020.

The Holy Bible: King James Version

Various writers

First Publication: 1610

Category: religion

Sales: 6.7 billion (estimated)

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About the Book:

“Shortly after inheriting the throne of England in the midst of violent religious strife, King James I called together the country’s leading churchmen and theologians at Hampton Court, ‘for the hearing, and for the determining, of things pretended to be amiss in the Church.’” AZ

“Out of that conference came the memorable decision to commission a new translation of the Holy Scriptures. King James I eagerly approved the idea in the hope that this new translation might help avert civil war by uniting the religious factions within his country. The uniform translation, since called the ‘King James Version,’ dramatically affected the course of development of the English-speaking world.” AZ

“When the King James translation of the Bible was first published in 1611, it was the first time that many people throughout the English-speaking world were able to read the Old and New Testaments in their native tongue. It proved so wildly popular, in fact, that it was the only book that many families owned. The majestic scope and poetry of the King James translation’s language made an incomparable impact on Western religion, culture, and literature that still resonates today.” BN

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