Thursday, April 25, 2019

Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe published 300 years ago today!

First posted 7/6/2020.

Robinson Crusoe

Daniel Defoe

First Publication: April 25, 1719

Category: adventure novel

Sales: 1 million

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About the Book:

Robinson Crusoe is one of the most popular and influential adventure stories of all time” BN and “a pioneering work of realist fiction.” AZ “This classic tale of shipwreck and survival on an uninhabited island was an instant success when first published in 1719 and has inspired countless imitations.” BN “Inspired by the real life story of Alexander Selkirk, a castaway who lived on an island in the Pacific for four years,” AZ “it was widely believed to be a true account of actual events.” AZ

“At the beginning of the novel we find Robinson Crusoe desiring a life at sea, despite the wishes of his parents for him to pursue a more sensible career. Despite numerous disasters and misadventures at sea he is not to be deterred from his life choice. Ultimately he finds himself stranded on a deserted island when his ship is destroyed in a storm.” AZ

Forced to overcome despair, doubt, and self-pity, he struggles to create a life for himself in the wilderness.” BN “He makes do with the supplies that he has salvaged from the wreckage and the resources he finds on the island.” AZ “His many adventures are recounted in vivid detail, including a fierce battle with cannibals and his rescue of Friday, the man who becomes his trusted companion.” BN

“Full of enchanting detail and daring heroics, Robinson Crusoe is a celebration of courage, patience, ingenuity, and hard work.” BN

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