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Rachel Ellyn, aka The Disfunctional Diva, has degrees in finance and economics and found wonderful success in the business world. She wrote Basic Money Management 101 and took her accounting and financial process consulting international. However, with her mind focused on business, marital success eluded her. She combined her passion for writing and storytelling with her experience as a three-time divorcee and parent of three to write, respectively, How to Train a Woman and the children’s books Louie Fights the Night and How to Pack a Pig.

Greg Gildersleeve writes, teaches writing, and daydreams a lot. He teaches composition at Johnson County Community College and literature at Kansas City Kansas Community College. He has written numerous articles for publication, self-published a comic book called Gold Dust, and authored a young adult novel, The Power Club. His drug of choice is a honey-flavored latte and his writing office is your local coffee shop. The name of his blog, “The Semi-Great Gildersleeve,” comes from an old-time radio program, “The Great Gildersleeve.” That, however, wasn't the actor's real name. It is Greg’s. (So there!)

Ken Hursh is a horror novelist who moonlights as a state administrative law judge while waiting for his publishing big break. In addition to short stories like “Burning Leaves” and “Inherit the Finned”, he has written seven novels including Blood Drive and A Maculate Conception. Ken has been active in local writers groups for several years now. Visit frightwrite.com to read some of his work and purchase his e-books.

Susan Grace Napier As the first anniversary of 9/11 came and went, Susan experienced a deep depression. Searching for the source of her rising anxiety and loss of functionality, she realized her emotions paralleled the trauma experienced in a 25-year abusive marriage. Her first novel, Intimate Terrorist: Parallels of 9/11 and Domestic Violence includes appendices of how to recognize and take action to help victims of domestic violence. Susan has a passion to make a difference for victims by doing speeches of Saving Victims of Domestic Violence in various venues, well actually, any place she finds an audience (businesses, schools, churches, etc.).

Dave Whitaker Check the about page on this site for details about Dave.

Dennis Young has authored four books in his series of fantasy adventure novels known as The Ardwellian Chronicles. In 2006 he published his first book Secret Fire, followed by Dark Way of Anger (2007), Secrets of the Second Sun (2010), and Kaanan’s Way (2012). His mantra is “Working on The Ardwellian Chronicles and Hope I Live Long Enough to Finish”. 2013’s Blades of Alliance is an illustrated coffee table book of the swords featured in the series.

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